Dusty Wayne and Mr Pete . . .  Rock & Roll, and a whole lot more

Two musicians (guitar & bass) and a drum machine . . . a Musical Duo/+ with an amazing sound . . . . . “THEY SOUND LIKE A FIVE PIECE BAND!”     . . . with a huge song list, years of playing experience, and an uncanny knack for creating very controlled, pleasing, and up-beat music!


Dusty Wayne and Mr Pete have been on the musical circuit for FIVE YEARS RUNNING , playing a huge assortment of venues and events, all the while, creating THREE CDs of their original music (see Our Albums)


Our Albums

Clever in their lyrics, varied in their musical styles, and sophisticated in their production, they have conjured up three very unique and pleasing-to-the-ear CD’s that will have you taping your toes, while pondering their lyrics

Dusty Wayne and Mr Pete:
                Dark White Light Albums

Streaming Audio

Dusty Wayne and Mr Pete are a creative force to be reckoned with. Come on in and sample our music . . .



What's New

Always searching for new sounds and ideas, Dusty Wayne and Mr Pete have spent the last few months creating distinctive songs for their newest CD, Dark White Light. Filled with songs that will stretch your ear and your mind, Dark White Light advances the duo's search for meaning and beauty (and a nice musical groove!) in a strange and often puzzling world. With songs like "One Moment" and "The Keeper of the Piece", Dark White Light continues the journey Dusty and Mr Pete have traveled in their previous albums White Lies and Fables, White Sands and Pearly White Truck. Come along and enjoy the musical ride!

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