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The Unteachable Men: 4-F (2006)

The Unteachable Men: 4-F

All songs written by Peter Fuerst (?) . . .; except . . .

1. Talk To Me
2. Blown a Hole in My Backdoor
3. New Day
4. World Turning
5. Venomous Kisses
6. A Soldier's Song
7. On a Clear Day
8. Chicken Hawk II     listen  here  at "Homegrown Music"

Peter Fuerst - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Chuck Mulderig, guitar
Wayne Parshley - vocals, bass, slide bass
Jen (????), drums

Talk To Me
Talk to me
share all your knowledge
give me your reasons convince me I’m easy, so easy
Talk to me
show me your pictures
divulge your insider info
I'm angry as all hell

I remember the hour
the sky blue, cloudless
the towers
the fuel tank flashes
the crumbling to ashes
won't take much to convince me revenge will come easy
but talk to me

Talk to me about all this terror that's gripping my cities
I fear for my safety
Are you there to protect me?
Can you protect me?
Talk to me
I trust all your power
You'll use it correctly and not trample my freedoms
Oh, my precious freedoms

I remember the mountains
The thunder-blasting of the cowards that rant of Jihad
we rode them roughshod to martyrdom's glory
Revenge, it was easy
but now you talk to me of WAR . . . War . . . war . . .

Now you talk to me of a connection to all this terror that's rising before me
You've nothing to show me
Now you talk to me of a destruction raining upon me
but of what, you can't show me
you've nothing to show me

I remember the jungles
filled with devil shadows
coming to chain us
dressed up like peasants
retreat it was ugly

Blown a Hole in My Back Door
I look out my window, what do I see?
The night lightin' up, the earth under me
quakin' like Death's horses are on a stampede
with a look in their eyes . . . No Mercy!
Tell me, what did I do . . . Tell me . . . what did I do? . . . What did I do, tell me . . . Tell me, what did I do?

Tell me what do I do, To whom do I plead? Allah, just spare my family
From some alien tribe . . . believin' that they've got the right to liberate my country

Well, now they've blown a whole in my back door!
What the hell are they looking for!
Hey, they've blown a whole in my back door!
I didn't ask them to liberate me . . . or my country

Back in 1993 I saw a crack
in a wall up against my back
The tyrant had been whipped by the powers that be
and I thought to myself, now's the time . . . I'll fight to be free
so I took to the streets, took to the streets, took to the streets . . .

I didn't have it so bad, my life, it was spared
But up north death hung in the air
ignited by breathe, the fire inside melted the mountain men as they tried to hide

But now they've blown a hole in my backdoor
what the hell are they looking for
Hey, they've blown a hole in my back door
(I didn't ask them to liberate me . . . or my country!)

I’ve lived 35 years under the thumb
of a tyrant whose passion has strung
many a good man or woman on a rack
to ride the river of pain to hell and back (for the lucky ones)
I should've spoke up, I should've spoke up . . . I should've spoke up, yes, I should've spoke up, I know, I know   . . .

I know I should’ve spoke up, I should've react - ed
but my neighbors (and others) were always watching my back - yeah
Morning - noon - night - till I went numb with fear, so I shut my mouth, my eyes, and my ears.
But now it's too late . . . now it's too late . . . now it's too late . . . it's too late, too late . . .

Cause they've blown a whole in my back door!
What the hell are they looking for!
Hey, they've blown a whole in my back door!
(I didn't ask them to liberate me . . . or my country)

New Day
It's a new day
windows lettin' in the light
The sun shines (it blinds me)


With a New Day, A New Day, A New Day, A New Day, It's A New Day!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Despair's a deadly rust
I wonder if my spirit's crusted cold
so old at 25
closed, shadow-living's half a life

I hide my doubts and fears
today I celebrate like New Year’s Eve
cheer those who occupy
marching there before my eyes

The streets - bazaars - untouched
by walls around our borders - leak like seives
oh, to live so underground
so misunderstood, so bound

the rubble, broken mains
are sacrifices to the bigger tix
Liberation’s staked its claim
May we not have sacrificed in vain

the world's re-made
seemed like 7 days!
The darkness split
The Giant metal-man's tipped
Our Spirit's Free
The terror razed
the streets are crazed

to the new day . . . to the new day . . . the new day

we’ll have our way . . . we’ll have our way . . .  we’ll have our way . . .It’s a New Day

World Turning
World Turning
eclipsing the darker days
mountain clouds drift away
the chill in the air doesn't dare to share the heat
of World Turning
come darkness and then come the light
closing and openin' my eyes
the will to believe in the good has stood the heat
of World Turning!

When the bones in my soul and my skull grind together
It's my will to step out, matter, count, face the terror
bet my life civil strife won't ignite I’m the better
that's what's heard in the voice of the wind

As my eyes do surmise all the lies I've been livin',
I'm not blind to the side of myself that's been waitin'
for this siege. Now it's me, destiny for the takin
I can hear in the voice of the wind . . . We're free

World Turning
World Turning

World Turning
Eclipsing the darker days
Mountain clouds drift away
and the chill in the air doesn't dare to share the heat
Of World turning
eclipsing the darker days
the tortured past cast away
and the chill of beware doesn't dare to share the heat
of World Turning
World Turning

Those who loot, pillage, shoot, poison wells of our fathers
I'm for peace. I'll police deadly streets for my brothers
who will reign ease the pain of our lost sons and daughters
their dreams there in the voice of the wind

I can't wait, I can't hate. tho my fate one of the bodies
in the streets, my heart seeks, speaks to those here among us
who will rise up and die to defend all that is precious
out loud . . . our voice joins the voice in the wind . . . we're free

Venomous Kisses
How could you do this to me?
You made me struggle to be free
You’ve poisoned me with your venomous kisses
But you did fulfill all of my wishes

I try and try to throw you away
then I beg and beg you to stay
I can’t live with you. I can’t live without you

The rush of feelings exploding in my blood
only makes the tears flood and flood

Ir you only knew the pain you put me through
You won me with such ease
Now I don’t know what to do!

A Soldier’s Song
I was born in a town, a town like yours
a town I found was a wonderful town to be born to
And I grew up running down its streets to meet my friends
what friends, all one-for-all - all kids next door - all - kids so much like you
I learned to see the world as
opportunity and me I picked a key, a door
And I signed my name to a claim where fame and fortune
came backed by a military score


My Mom and Dad, told me, son . . . so brave . . . so young
our golden one . . . you've done us all so proud
In my military uniform I stood before the door
and saw my mom, in my daddy's arms, brake down
And I learned that love is precious and in that moment
I felt most loved of all
And I told my folks don't worry I’ll be writin' from some darkened sea
some foreign land, exotic port of call


They taught me how to fight, to kill, defend - I will those
whose thoughts fill my every waking desire
And they worked us hard and brave I stood so tall I swore
I could light the night, ignite the world to freedom's fire
And I heard a roar to reign a terror in
And I, will nigh(?) a question asked
Marched across the sea and harsh reality
was dust and pain and death and a god-forsaken endless task


I was driving down a road, a desert road
that wove through a no man's land of sand, but supplies are a must
A delivery of oil for tanks and all the armored cars
that set us apart from those whose land we'd crushed
Tales of battle glory, heroes' stories, let the others
tell, re-tell again
For me, a cog in the war machine, I was a blown up piece of machinery, sacrificed for
what end?


On A Clear Day
Get ahead
get smart
go to school
Get a job
get bucks
go to rule

On a clear day
from my window
the sky is
crystal blue

Get a lock
get safe
get inside
Get spooked
get a gun
run and hide

On a clear day
from my window
the sky is
crystal blue

Get a cause
get intense
go and plot
Get violent
get caught
go and rot

On a clear day
from my window
the sky is
crystal blue

Chicken Hawks II
Back at the ranch, everybody's doin' fine
Back at the ranch, it's vacation all the time

It's a perk of the "Presedente" this California Tan
My east-coast bred boyhood, I'm a true blue Texan man
I'm a joker, Lone-Star poker, I'm a god-believen' beef
But most of all I’m a fightin' Man . . . Commander-in-Chief!!!!!

All those outlaws, yeah, you bring'em on
My boys will do the fightin' . . . I'll be gone . . . yeah, gone . . .
I'm a ChickenHawk!

Oh, back at the ranch everybody's doin' fine
Back at the Ranch, it's relaxation time

My Roving Buddy's working 24 and 7 shifts
to hatchet my opponents with his liar-slander wit
and by GOD, it’s right I do not know just what my henchmen do
You see, my job is the commander . . . of the Red, White, and Blue

I'll wave that flag in Victory!
Oh, when the fightin’s over . . . could someone tell me
I'm a ChickenHawk!

Lordy, you're my friend
Lordy, be my friend

Oh, back at the ranch everybody's doin' fine
Bank at the ranch, it's recruitment time

Trilling for strong, brave young men
Deferred-Men all in charge
Of this Military ship of fools
This Captain’s seeing stars
and stripes at every photo-op
I’m every soldier’s friend
But of my boxed-up buddies . . . NO!!
Don’t those photos send
Well topple(?) the world to Democracy
Lay down (with?) MY life, oh no, not ME!
I'm a ChickenHawk!

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